Plasma Fibroblast treatment is a non-surgical skin tightening procedure which has the ability to return the same results as traditional surgery. It is safe, performed in clinic and there are no needles. Topical Local Anaesthetic (Numbing Cream) is applied to the area prior to treatment and is completely tolerable. Only the excess skin is affected during the procedure. Patients are able to notice results immediately, however it takes approx 12 weeks for full effect to be visible. Between 1-4 treatments may be necessary to obtain your desired result. Fibroblast procedure should only be performed by a certified specialist with extensive skin knowledge. 


How does Plasma work?


The Plamon hand-piece produces a tiny plasma flash, just like mini lightening. This creates tiny controlled micro wounds which minimise the skin in its immediate vicinity. This reduces the excess skin, tightening the treated are. A series of tiny brown spots are created and strategically placed to obtain the desired result for the excess skin. The skin around the spot tightens pulling the cells closer together. It’s the only non surgical treatment to successfully reduce the excess skin instantly, with no damage to surrounding tissue or deeper skin layers. This is an integral part of the success of this treatment.


Is a consultation required?


Yes. Anyone interested in a Plasma procedure is required to have face-to-face consultation. This is because not everyone is a suitable candidate for plasma. A thorough assessment will ensure we both agree it is the right treatment option for you. Multiple factors affect the ageing process and every person and treatment area is different, therefore needs to be determined individually. Consultations are 30-45 minutes, forms will also need to be completed.



Multi Award winning Dermalux LED phototherapy is the leading, non-invasive treatment that harnesses the power of light for visibly radiant, rejuvenated and refined skin.

Voted Energy Treatment of the year for 5 consecutive years, Dermalux combines proven wavelengths of light with the latest generation LED technology, to deliver clinically safe and effective results for a wide range of skin conditions, without discomfort or downtime.

After just one treatment Dermalux instantly energises skin cells to revitalise a dull and tired complexion. A course of treatments offers long lasting results, stimulating the skin's natural rejuvenation and repair processes to promote healthy looking skin, accelerate cell renewal and resolve a range of skin concerns.

Red Light

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, increases collagen and elastin synthesis, improves complexion, texture and tone, stimulates circulation and the lymphatic system, shrinks enlarged pores, and restores radiance.

Blue Light

Blemish fighting action without irritation, helps acne prone skin, prevents breakouts, balances oil production, improves skin clarity, Eczema, Psoriasis, and Dermatitis.

Near Infra-Red Light

Reduces pigmentation, scar reduction and prevention, relieves pain and inflammation, advanced skin rejuvenation benefits, treats rosacea, relieves redness and irritation, and promotes healthy skin.

LED LUXE Facial - 

Take your LED session to the next level with LED Lux. 

Milk cleanse, oil cleanse, exfoliant mask, hot towel removal, scalp massage, 20min LED, hydrator & SPF.

What people are saying about LED


March 20, 2018

Hi all I can personally say This is amazing!! Do it !! Heidi Zitterbart and her team are awesome! You leave feeling Fresh Alive and your Skin is Glowing! Best investment for my skin and myself in a very very long time  👍❤️❤️😊🤗


March 2, 2018

Thank goodness I found you! My undamaged skin has responded incredibly well to your light treatments, and an added bonus is the wonderful feeling of happiness I feel after the treatments! As a sceptic this is wonderful!! Heidi and Dee, thank you for your warm welcome and passion for helping me to feel radiant x  


We are super excited to be able to share with you our new Pain Clinic.

Using the proven wavelengths and healing ability of pure light, this pain free method of treating reduces inflammation and rejuvenates injured, diseased and damaged cells, resulting in greater range of movement, less pain, less swelling and promotes healing.

Whether you have tried everything else and it’s your last resort, as a complimentary treatment or it’s your first resort, come in for a no obligation consultation.

What people are saying about LED

Pain Patient #1

June 21, 2018

When you have had a painful and swollen knee for years you tune out to the pain. Being part of this trial has made me have long periods pain free - thanks to the light treatment. I forgot what pain free felt like. I was able to straighten my knee more too which I feel is due to a reduction in swelling. I changed nothing else during the trial. For me although not a cure has given me relief and hope.

Pain Patient #2

June 21, 2018

About 10 months ago I injured my hip which caused pain on walking and sleepless nights. Tradition treatment of cortisone and physiology gave me about 50% relief. Through my work I attended a pain management course which included positive results of LED therapy in reducing pain due to inflammation. Not being able to tolerate anti-inflammatory medication I jumped a the chance of participating in an LED treatment trial with skinOptics... I was of course still skeptical but 8 treatments over four weeks coupled with some turmeric and glucosamine I have at least had a further 30% improvement. My work colleagues commented about y absence of a limp and I am hoping the weather is good this weekend for a bushwalk

Pain Patient #3

June 21, 2018

I have had 2 years of increasingly painful arthritic knees - the surgeon said I wasn't ready for an arthroscopy so I researched other options and found skinOptics - I found almost immediate relief for one knee (the least troublesome) there has been some reduction in swelling and more flexibility in the other - I have to say I'm thrilled to have one excellent result and one partial improvement



This is a high frequency radio frequency device used to remove minor skin irregularities such as skin tags, blood spots (cherry angiomas), broken capillaries, milia, cholesterol deposits, fibromas, clogged pores, acne and age warts (seborrheic keratosis). 

Skin Clear is non-invasive and precise with instantaneous results, effective on all skin types with minimal discomfort and no anaesthesia is generally required.

In most cases only one treatment is needed, however a followup cleanup treatment may be necessary in some cases.



Better known as skin needling, collagen induction therapy is a skin rejuvenation treatment that helps to support the skins regeneration of collagen through a natural healing process. Ultra-fine, medical grade, stainless steel needles are passed across the skin creating multiple surface skin channels. The tiny skin channels (wounds)  allow for increased product penetration as well as activating the skins natural healing response. The untreated skin allows for faster healing and makes it more suitable for patients of darker skin types. This treatment is designed to support skin regeneration to help improve fine lines, mild textural irregularities, pigmentation and to improve general skin rejuvenation. Treatment can also support the healing of acne scarring and improve the appearance of stretch marks and surgical scarring.

These treatments can be performed 2-8 weekly and depending on the condition being treated 3-6 treatments may be required.

What people are saying about DermapenMD


March 29, 2018

Thank you so much Heidi again for today for my 1st face needling session. You explained every step, picked up when I felt a little nervous and addressed any concerns I had. No anaesthetic and you made the whole treatment comfortable. My skin now feels so smooth, even in tone and glowing. I can't wait to see the results in the morning. I will be back as well as have my mum, Karen, Michelle all waiting to book in. Also I cannot speak more highly of how professional and attentive Dee is in her role in the business, absolute asset x



TCA Cross stands for Chemical Reconstruction of Skin Scars using Trichloroacetic Acid. At SkinOptics we use a product from DP Dermaceuticals called UberMD. 
How does it work? Minute amounts of the chemical solution, are delivered directly into the bottom of the scar/divot with a tiny brush or toothpick. This causes an inflammatory reaction leading to formation of new collagen which rebuilds the scar. Coupled with skin needling we can improve the skins surface considerably.
The number of sessions will vary depending on the individual and A skin consult is necessary to determine if your skin is suitable. This same technique can be used to line peel wrinkles. 



Bespoke dermal planning skin treatments to transform your skin. Based on medical strength active, pure, chiral ingredients. Treatments offer intense skin changing results, skin youth, health and radiance. Home care is essential for optimal results and skin recovery.


A gentle yet effective enzyme peel for all skins, especially sun damaged and for age correction. A perfect formulation of 30% Pumpkin Enzymes, pumpkin extract and natural fruit acids combined with the moisturising benefits for Jojoba. It effectively eliminates redundant cells revealing fresher, smoother skin.


A vitamin infusion peel especially for pigmentation and age correction using Bio White - a unique biomimetic peptide that provides optimal whitening and lightening effects on the skin. With concentrated levels of Vitamin C, antioxidants, Niacinamide and natural fruit acids, this treatment has bet proven to stimulate cellular turnover whilst protecting collagen and elastin. It is anti-ageing, hydrating, brightening, nourishing and anti-inflammatory.


Rejuvenates the skin, reduces fine lines and uneven pigmentation, improves skin smoothness, clarity and radiance and activates cellular regeneration for a brighter smoother and more even toned skin complexion. Perfect for oily, problematic skin that is in need of extreme exfoliation. Skin preparation is necessary. This peel is not suitable before a special occasion.


A form of Vitamin A (2% Rentinol) recommended for aging, lines and wrinkles, photo damaged skin, rosacea, acne, problematic skin, scarring and pigmentation. It improves cell renewal process, reduces lines, wrinkles, refines the skins surface and improves collagen and elastin. *not before an event, can make skin peel or go flakey. Not suitable for those Pregnant or Lactating..


For all skin types, even sensitive skin conditions and pre Laser or as an add on to a Microdermabrasion Treatment. Mango digests redundant skin cells without harming healthy skin and hydrates in the process. 

It stimulates collagen production and reduces acute inflammatory reaction of the skin tissue. 



Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion is a safe, non invasive skin resurfacing procedure that deeply polishes and stimulates the skin using densely packed laser-cut diamonds to remove redundant skin cells and promote the growth of healthy, new cells for a smoother, more radiant and flawless complexion.

Add a peel for enhanced treatment results and/or follow with a post treatment healing LED.

Diamonds really are a girls best friend!



Hydradermabrasion is known as the next generation of microdermabrasion. The system combines diamond exfoliation, liquid exfoliation, skin cooling and skin hydration for an immediately visible improvement to you skin with no downtime. 
We added it to our arsenal to help combat those dreaded blackheads.


LASER - ND:YAG 1064 &1320

We are excited to be able to bring you our latest in skin rejuvenation and hair removal technology.

The 1064 Nd:YAG is the only safe way to treat darker skin types.

Consultation necessary to assess your suitability for Laser Hair Reduction, Pigmentation, Acne Scarring, Onychomycosis (toe nail fungus), Facial Rejuvination, Fine Lines and Wrinkle, spider vein removal and more. Consultations are complimentary.



Professional grade in clinic Teeth Whitening, which is gentle yet effective and can brighten your smile up to 14 shades in just 1 hour! Depending on your lifestyle choices this can be a once a year treatment, otherwise a maintenance session may be required.



Mindfulness Facial - 

A decadent hot towel facial combining skin science, massage and a 12minute guided meditation, its next level in skin care and relaxation. Featuring Aromatherapy, oil cleanse, milk cleanse, exfoliant mask, scalp massage, hot towel removal, neck, dec, arm & hand massage, mask, elixir, 12 min guided meditation, serum, hydrator, eye cream & SPF.

Ginger & Me Facial with LED -

Ginger&Me Facials are a decadent array of skin focussed facials that are tailored to your skin requirements. 

Featuring oil cleanse, milk cleanse, exfoliant mask, scalp, neck, dec, arm & hand massage, hot towel removal, 10min LED session, serum, hydrator, eye cream & SPF. 

LED LUXE Facial - 

Take your LED session to the next level with LED Lux. 

Milk cleanse, oil cleanse, exfoliant mask, hot towel removal, scalp massage, 20min LED, hydrator & SPF.

Pregnancy Pamper - 

A beautiful pamper for our expectant mums. No LED or elixirs, salicylic acid or vitamin As are used, so totally safe for mums and bubs. Featuring oil cleanse, milk cleanse, exfoliant mask, scalp, neck, dec, arm & hand massage, hot towel removal, hydration mask, guided 12min meditation, serum, hydrator, eye cream & SPF.



Epiblading safely removes redundant skin cells, reduces fine vellus hair resulting in better

product penetration, and leaves your skin smooth, glowing and refreshed. The procedure

is painless, quick and effective and does not include any down time.



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